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TimberClick Midlands, serviced by Carvers of Wolverhampton are able to design, manufacture and supply roof trusses within 5 days.
Traditional Trusses - Fink Trusses

A fink Truss is traditionally the most common used roof Truss, providing a simple adaptable cost effective roof solution. The Fink Truss can also be used as a support for other Trusses by doubling or trebling the number of plies.

Raised Tie Trusses

Raised Tie Trusses are used when the internal room height is required to be higher than the wallplates. Raised Ties are designed to provide a higher line and more internal room height than the Fink Truss. Unlike other Trusses which are supported by the ceiling tie, Raised Tie Trusses are supported part way up the lower end of the rafters.

Attic Trusses

The Attic Truss is a simpe means of providing the structural roof, floor and internal walls in the same component. Attic Roof Trusses are designed to form the top storey of a dwelling with habitable room spaces, such as additional bedrooms, self contained annex or an office space, by leaving it free of internal web members.

For more information on the above and other Roof Truss / Engineered solutions that we offer please visit Engineered Timber Solutions, our website dedicated to this service or call us on 01902 577193.
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